Game Concept. The process of determining the artistic and technical components of the game. As a result, a diverse and unique game world was created.
Site Launch. The development and launching of a website that works as an informational navigator of the game. On the website, you can find all the key information about the project, links to social networks, or blogs. In the near future the website will become the starting point for entering the game, personal account, and marketplace.
Social Media Presence. Active and live social networks are one of the most important features for the development of the project. The team intends to tell the community about the work done every day, share their plans, and listen to the wishes and comments of users. But the social networks of the project will also be the creative core of social life, where every day you can learn more about games, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and much more in an interactive form.


Tokenomics. The principal part of the financial component of the project that plays a significant role in the establishment of a strong and autonomous financial ecosystem of the game world. The experience of the team, its advisers, and the analytics along with research carried out so far bring the project closer to the best solution. The team calls the following features the key points for determining the correctness of the solution - stable operation of the network, low commissions, and high transaction speed. Key details of the native token, release schedule and distribution system will be presented.
Community Building. The importance of having a strong and loyal community in the game world cannot be underestimated. Every day the team intends to fight for your trust and support. A long-term plan for expanding the community has been defined, the most important points of which are the establishment of close relations with the media and partners, a program for the participation of influencers in covering the development path of the project, and other targeted solutions. The ways of interaction between the team and members of the community are outlined. There are numerical open AMA sessions, interactive content, direct information about the game, as well as about the global development of the NFT sphere, contests, and much more.
Teaser Release that can captivate the players even before the game's release. Audit of smart contracts.
The audit of smart contracts is an obligatory point in the development of a project that sets ambitious goals. An independent assessment of the viability of smart contracts is necessary to make decisions around it transparent and understandable, and most importantly, guaranteed to be correct.


Game Development is the full-scale process of game development involving several large departments, a high number of simultaneous parallel processes, such as the development of game modes and mechanics, and their testing, game building, and prototype development, game balance decisions, filling the game with unique game items, technology implementation of blockchain and NFT into the game.
1st NFT Sale serves as a starting point for the user to start earning in the game. The purchase of game items guarantees access to the game and many additional features. All proceeds will go to the development of the project: accelerating the development of the game, attracting a new audience, expanding the team, and providing other development processes.
Staking. The ability to earn by staking NFTs is a critical solution that will be integrated immediately after the 1st NFT sale.
Token Listing is the procedure for issuing and listing your own tokens: in-game token & governance token.


Closed Alpha Test is a narrow stage of testing, which is aimed at finding existing bugs and false solutions and then fixing them.
User's Private Office is a separate interface that will allow you to manage game assets. The user will have access to individual statistics, ratings, and all the necessary functions.
MVP Release (PvE Battling) is the first iteration of the game available to users who have purchased the NFT. It will become available in PvE mode, which will allow you to plunge into the game story and start earning.


Marketplace Launch means the launch of its own marketplace that makes NFT trading possible.
Open Beta Test is a wide testing stage, which is aimed at finding the remaining bugs and false solutions and then fixing them.
PvP Battling is an online battle mode of one real player against another.


Guilds PvE Co-op is the ability to create guilds and unite players in large-scale battles. Members of the guild open not only new game modes and mechanics but also the possibility of group investments and earnings.
Daily & Weekly Events is an extension of the content of the game dedicated to various gaming and cultural events in the world. Such events will open access to increased earnings of tokens and unique marks and items the number of which is limited.


Game Release is a fully open game with access to all of the above features: multiple game modes, guilds, and daily or weekly events.
Astronix World Expansion is a continuation of the development of the game world including new heroes and items and expanding the functionality of the different game modes.